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Discover the Art of Ballroom Dance

Barbara Nicholas - Professional Dance Instructor

Private and personalized dance lessons for any events and all skill levels. Ballroom, Latin, & Swing Dance, Zumba Fitness & More!

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Barbara Nicholas

Barbara is a freelance Social Dance Instructor, creating custom dance programs for individuals, couples and small groups. She has 32 years of teaching experience, and began teaching in the Davis & Sacramento area in 1991.   

Whether it's your first time dancing or you've been doing so for years - Barbara is ready to help you utilize the skills you already have & develop the next best tools for your practice. 


Dance Styles

Social dancing is a category of dances that brings people together. Social dancing is for you. It's not about performing or competing, it's about having fun and connecting with your partner. There are many styles of social dance. Read below to learn more about the styles you can learn from Barbara.


Smooth, gliding, & travelling dances

  • Foxtrot

  • Waltz

  • Tango

  • Viennese Waltz


Bouncy, cool, & jazzy dances

  • West Coast

  • East Coast

  • Jitterbug

  • Lindy


Flirty, sexy, & hip-swaying dances

  • Salsa

  • Cha cha

  • Rumba

  • Samba

  • Merengue

  • Bolero

  • Mambo

  • Bachata


Snappy & chic dances

  • Hustle

  • Nightclub 2-step



"I have enjoyed Barbara‘s Zumba class for the last several years and she is fantastic!  She always brings a positive energy with her which makes the class incredibly enjoyable.  Her dances are lively and original. I always feel I have had a great workout and try never to miss a class. I just LOVE her!"


"I have been dancing with Barbara for 5 years and still counting. Not only is she my dance teacher but has become a part of my family. Her knowledge of dance has surpassed what I expected and I always leave class wanting more. Barbara’s high energy level is contagious. So get ready to sweat!!"


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